Stairlifts Prices

Stairlift Prices for new and reconditioned stairlifts.

Every installation is different depending , but as a guide, stairlift prices start at:

Reconditioned (Second Hand) Straight Stairlift – €1300
New Straight Stairlift – €2050
Reconditioned (Second Hand) Curved Stairlift – €3,745
New Curved Stairlift – €5,100

Cooley Healthcare provide support in every way to make stairlifts more affordable:

VAT: All stairlift prices quoted are ex VAT figures, but VAT is refundable and we look after the paperwork for that on customer’s behalf.


The level of grant aid available shall be determined on the basis of gross household income and the approved cost of the works as assessed by your County Council. The table below sets out the level of grants available based on an assessment of household income.

Annual Household IncomePercentage of Cost of Works AvailableMaximum Grant for houses erected for more than 12 monthsMaximum Grant for houses erected for less than 12 months
up to €30,00095%€30,000€14,500
€30,001 - €35,00085%€25,000€12,325
€35,001 - €40,00075%€22,500€10,875
€40,001 - €50,00050%€15,000€7,250
€50,001 - €60,00030%€9,000€4,350
Over €60,000No grant payable

A report from an occupation therapist must accompany this application.