Reconditioned Used Stairlifts

Take Advantage of our Reconditioned Used Stairlifts

Reconditioned Stairlifts are available in various shapes, sizes and configurations to ensure it works and looks best in your home. From choosing the colour and finish, extra on-board features, stairlifts for extra narrow stairs or curved stairs; our range of reconditioned stairlifts will look great in your house.

  • Significantly savings – less expensive than a new stairlift
  • Fully refurbished and tested
  • Quality checked to ensure it meets the highest standards; any parts replaced as necessary
  • Looks as good as new, comes with a full year’s warranty
  • VAT reclaimable
  • Curved stairlifts will have a new rail as they are custom made
  • Suitable for any home
  • A huge range of stairlifts and features, so no compromise of your needs
  • Same features available as with new stairlifts e.g. powered swivel seat, seat to footrest linkage, hinged rail, heavy duty stairlifts etc.
  • Free survey, free quotation
  • Straight stairlifts can be fitted within a couple of days, curved within 3 weeks
  • No need to wait for a grant
  • On-call service and maintenance

Every installation is different, but as a guide, our reconditioned stairlift prices start at:

Reconditioned used Straight Stairlift – €1300
As opposed to a new Straight Stairlift – €2050

Reconditioned used Curved Stairlift – €3,745
As opposed to a new Curved Stairlift – €5,100

Cooley Healthcare provide support in every way to make stairlifts more affordable:

VAT: All stairlift prices quoted are ex VAT figures, but VAT is refundable and we look after the paperwork for that on customer’s behalf.